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10 Signs that you’re a True Raipurian!

While Raipur is all about its different flavours and colours, there are certain traits that bring out the Ultra Cool Raipurian in you. Here are 10 signs that make you a True Raipurian.

Raipurian and proud of it?

Then this one is for you.

Here are 10 signs that make you a True Raipurian.

1.       Your favourite hangout place is always Marine Drive (Telibandha). The go to option for everyone be it a group of Friends, Couples or even The Dukhi Aashiqs. The ambience from the long walkway and cold breeze from Raja Talab never fail to give a Raja like feel to anyone wishing to spend their leisure evenings at the heart of the city- Marine Drive. The perfect place to enjoy scenic sunrises and sunsets along with fun filled morning and evening walks. Adding to the fun are the vendors selling lemon tea and masala peanuts.

The Mor Raipur hoarding will always make you believe that it actually is ‘Your Raipur’! 

2.       The Royal breakfast for every Raipurian is Jaistambh ka Poha. The poha from Sahu Poha in Jaistambh Chauk is loved more than any western food chain and everyone has been a part of the queue waiting for their Poha with sev and mirchi. Hungry Already? 

3.      People in Raipur are so friendly that they’ll actually make you rethink about the time you have known them for?  People trust Tapriwala’s more than Google Maps on any given day. Asking for directions will get you help from dozens of people! Everyone helps everyone here.

4.      No matter what part of the city you live in you’re never too far from the Ghadi Chowk.  The town’s most famous square is the hub of all hubs with an excellent road connectivity from anywhere to everywhere.

5.     We don’t believe in Yes, Yeah, Haan or Haanji, We prefer Hao over these.

6.      You never fail to flaunt about Naya Raipur(Atal Nagar) being The World’s First Integrated City and stay fairly confused about where to go when you actually reach Naya Raipur. Most of Naya Raipur plans end with roaming around the wide empty roads and eventually getting roadside photo shoots done.

No trip to Naya Raipur is complete without that DSLR wala Friend. 

7.   It’s always tough to decide whether we’re a Big Shot developed city or the same old-school traditional city. No matter how much we swear on the 6 malls in the city, when it comes to shopping it’s always Gol Bazar over any mall. 

Yahi toh Khoobsurti hai iss sheher ki Saheb!

8. No matter how many luxury cars be there in the town, the roads in Raipur are ruled by its Autowalas. They are the Rahul Dravid of the road, all they see is gaps amidst the traffic! 

*Swag Alert*

9. No coffee from CCD or Barista can match our love for Manju Mamta‘s coffee and no snacks from McDonald’s or Subway can match the delicacy of ‘Rathore Chauk ki Kachori’. Our food hubs are not just places, they are a feeling!


10. Lastly, we’re full of bridges. Underbridges, Overbridges, Constructed Bridges, Under construction bridges and what not. It’s always tough to decide whether our confusion about The Skywalk is bigger or our urge to click pictures at the ‘DJ Bridge’ (PWD Bridge) under dancing lights.


But there’s one thing we’re always clear about, this city keeps building and rebuilding and so do its people. They enhance themselves everyday and make Raipur the ultra-cool place that it is.

Reletable right?

Then share this with every fellow Raipurian and keep the awesomeness flowing.

Written and Edited by: Avinash Rochwani

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