First water polo tourney in Raipur

Raipur: Students from Indian Institute of Management Raipur (IIM-R) are on a mission to change how people perceive fitness across the state with their innovative ideas.
During their studies in IIM-R Priyanjit Ghosh, Arko Biswas and Anupam Dutta and that India become the world’s most unfit nation, and they set out to change it. They have started a start-up named “Nearfit” to change how people perceive fitness by merging sports and gym training.
They are also working to launch their platform focussing more on building the sporting community at Chhattisgarh. The students recently got incubated under state-run incubator 36inc. Nearfit has made more than 30 associations with fitness centers across Raipur.
CEO of Nearfit Priyanjit Ghosh said “When you study at a place like IIM Raipur, with great minds all around, one is bound to be creative enough to make an impact on society. That is what every student at IIM Raipur stands for”.
They also organized Raipur’s first ever water polo tournament at Akshansh International Swimming Pool on September 2. It was an open challenge for all the Raipurians.
More than 100 students from renowned institutes including IIM-R, IIT Bhilai, NIT Raipur and many more participated in the tourney. The first position was grabbed by National Institute of Technology, Raipur.
Nearfit Events, along with Decathlon, plans to organize a series of unique and fascinating sporting events in the coming days at Chhattisgarh. This initiation shall foster and grow the sporting community across the state.

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