Amit Shah’s invigorating speech for party workers, sears through congress

Raipur:At the party headquarters in Raipur, BJP national president Amit Shah ripped apart the Congress party through his fiery speech and imparted the success mantra to party workers and office bearers. Invoking the spirit among those present his single point agenda was to uproot the Congress party from the heart of the state and calling upon all party men for a united show of strength to achieve atleast 65 assembly seats.
He also said ” you have resolved to win this election but the winning margin of  few seats would not be acceptable by the party high command,in all absolute majority should be there or else the win would be marred.”
Showering heaps of praise on Raman Singh he said “Atal Bihari Vajpayee created the state,Raman Singh spruced it up and Narendra Modi is the front-runner carrying it forward in a specific direction with a defined mindset.”
In a multi intensive attack on the Congress Shah said “during the UPA regime the whole nation was disgraced when Pakistani soldiers beheaded our men and the silence of the then Prime Minister was still unperturbed. Modi’s words have been put to action as the whole nation witnessed a successful surgical strike against the neighbouring country.”
He reassured that if BJP retains power at the centre infiltrators will be dealt with a serious blow and jettisoned out of India. He reiterated on some key aspects, that any form of election can only be won with the confidence and support of grass root booth level workers and even reminded that once a 10 member party,BJP is now the largest political organisation in the world. He emphasised that connecting with the common man through party ideology should be the main aim of party workers..
In his presence many retirees from the civil service joined the party,among 24 retired government servants an IAS officer and 10 from the police department were inducted into the party fold.

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