CHHATTISGARH TIMES. The ruling Bhartiya Janta Party is leaving no loose end in trying to win as maximum assembly seats as possible in insurgency hit Bastar and the 11 other constituency going to polls on the 12th of this month.
Ahead of Narendra Modi’s visit on the 9th of November at Jagdalpur where he is supposed to address a massive gathering at the Lal Bagh arena, naxalites have again struck defiantly. This time the brutal killing of one, Kalmu Dhurwa, husband of the village sarpanch of Bodko, an area which falls under Sukma District. Police confirmed the news and this has again sent shivers through the entire district. The innocent villagers who are continuously being killed by the maoists are in a state of absolute fear where on one hand the administration urges them to vote and on the other hand the naxalites calls for total boycott of the elections. On the eve of Diwali such a spine chilling incident has again put a question mark on the sensitivity and efforts of the administration.
The Bhartiya Janta Party high command has repeatedly assured that the red menace has gone down drastically during their tenure but the real facts at ground zero seems to tell a different story.
The party is quite apprehensive about these 12 seats wherein it managed to bag only 4 in the 2013 elections. It could be seen that party president Amit Shah visited Kondagaon on the 4th and the prime minister visits this area on the 9th,this could well be deduced that BJP is not sitting pretty easily in this part of the state and it needs to call upon it’s big shots for canvassing purpose. For the ruling party every vote to be won is an uphill task and it’s still a doubt will the Modi charisma work in this tribal belt which is also described as the red corridor of the state.

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