Social Media goes absurd with fake reports of Suresh Raina’s death going viral, Raina tweets to quash the rumours

Social media and the internet have made people’s lives pretty much easy. Not only do they help the mass to remain connected but also make sure that the people remain well-updated on the happenings around the globe. But then again, every coin has two sides and the internet is not an exception either. While it is definitely a boon, sometimes it can be a bane and Indian batsman Suresh Raina would certainly agree to it after reports of his death spread like wildfire.

But on Monday, a furious Raina rubbished and slammed the fake news, which stated that he was dead after a road accident. Posts and videos of the fake news have been all over the social media, mentioning that the Uttar Pradesh star recently passed away following a road accident.
Raina took to Twitter and assured his millions of followers that he was all right before slamming the reports. He revealed that the reports have left his family and friends disturbed before confirming that the Youtube channels showing the news have been reported.

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