Shahid Afridi reacts to Imran Khan’s statement on Pulwama attack

Ever since the dastard attack on the Indian CRPF in Pulwama has taken place on Thursday last week, the relationship between India and Pakistan have disturbed. The attack led to India losing 44 of their valuable CRPF jawans which has left the Government and the public fuming. However, Imran Khan, the Pakistan Prime Minister, on Tuesday, came up with a statement in which he quashed all the allegations.

Moreover, he also accused India of blaming Pakistan without any evidence and also warned that they will retaliate if the neighbouring country attacks. He also went on to say that Pakistan doesn’t want terrorism and they are going to get nothing with such kind of violence.
“If India retaliates, we will not think and retaliate back. If you (Indian govt) think you will attack us and we will not think of retaliating… we will retaliate. It is easy to start a war but difficult to end it. I want to ask India if they want to live in the past. It’s not in our interests that somebody from here goes out to do terrorism, nor that somebody comes here and does terrorism,” Imran Khan told the media.
Crystal and Clear
Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi, who is always vocal about the Kashmir issue and has previously opened up on the issue time and again, has backed Imran Khan’s statement now. He retweeted the video released by the Government of Pakistan which contained the statement from the Prime Minister and wrote, “Absolutely crystal & Clear.”
It remains to be seen now if the Indian Government responds to Imran Khan’s statement.

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