Honorary Self-defence movement for girls by International Karate trainer

Raipur: following the success of ‘Rail Garjana’ movement, noted international karate trainer from Chhattisgarh Harsha Sahu continuing her free of cost self-defence movement for girls, and trained 900 girls students from a small village Bhatapara and students of science collage Raipur.
Karate trainer Harsha Sahu said “First time ever in India a self-defence movement ‘Rail garjana’ for girls and women passengers in running trains and railway platform appreciated by the people even the Railway Railway Minister Piyush Goyal appreciated this mission through his tweet and said After successful trials in Chhattisgarh some other states like Maharashtra are also interested to implement it on their region in railways”.
“So this time I have been   promoting the self-defence techniques in villages, schools collages where girls has to face this teasing most of the time. Specially in villages girls go to school collage by walking and they must face some extreme situations like eve teasing and rape incidents frequently so how will they face those tough situations we teach them. They are learning self- protection   by using the small tools like safety pins, hair pins, Dupatta, pen, Clips”. Harsha Added.
Recently our self-defence team went to the girls school of Bhatapara village where 900 students learnt how to protect themselves in any trouble. Along with that we went to science collage of Raipur for the same cause. Some quick tricks of Karate we taught them so that in small time they can learn it for long and use those tricks whenever they required. Our aim is to make girls, women’s physically strong, the most of the girls give-up in weird situations so these easy self-defence techniques could help them in self-protection anywhere in the world”. 

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