VIKAS YATRA:CM applauds all round development of Jashpur, announces set up of Link Court in Pathalgaon

Jashpur:In this second phase of Vikas Yatra the Chief Minister was in Pathalgaon to address the people on various developmental works undertaken by his government in the past 15 years. A grand reception was organized by party workers in honour of him and he too greeted the people in their local dialect.
Addressing a huge gathering the essence of this meeting was primarily of development , he also stressed on various aspects such as local talent grooming, skill enhancements in the district achieving greater heights, students and sports person alike, also etching Jashpur’s name in a nation wide manner.
   Dedicating the entire Vikas Yatra to the late Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he said that grass root party organisation cadres are on a door to door campaign making people aware of the headway the present government has made, when compared to the 60 year rule of the Congress which had almost bleaked out the fate and face of entire Jashpur. Good governance in the form of “smart cards”, “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna”, “Ayushman Yojna”, smartphone distribution and bonus on paddy procurement were the highlights of this public gathering.
   In an incisive attack on the Congress, he said 60 years of misrule couldn’t erode the determination of the people who ultimately brought BJP to power, a party which has enough vision and foresight for all round development of the state. The firm conviction and party ideology has transformed promises to real time progress with basic infrastructure now at much better standards.
  Along with Pathalgaon being bestowed with a link court, widening and strengthening of Jashpur roads will also be a reality in the near future.
  In his conclusion he assured that visible development is just at a budding level and given another tenure the real blossoming will be witnessed by all.

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