Video of Naxal attack survivor DD lightning assistant narrating bone chilling events gone viral on social media

Chhattisgarh Times
Raipur: A day after a Doordarshan (DD) cameraman and two cops were killed in a Maoist ambush in Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh, a fresh video of a attack-survivor lighting assistant, who accompanied the reporting team has emerged where he is seen narrating the bone chilling events has gone viral on social media.

The brave heart DD lighting assistant, Mor Mukut Sharma had recorded the video himself using his phone while he was stuck during the Maoist attack. He also sent the video to his family members after assuming that he might not survive the attack. But, Sharma luckily survived with minor injuries after the forces came to rescue.
In the emotional video, Sharma can be seen narrating the heart-wrenching incident of Naxal-attack and giving a heartfelt message to his mother saying how much he loves her. Also, the sound of firing between the Maoist and jawans can be heard clearly in the background.
At the beginning of the video, Sharma says “Maoists have attacked us, we came to Dantewada to cover the elections. We were on the way along with the army when suddenly the Maoists surrounded us.”
Addressing his mother Sharma said “Mummy if I stay alive, it will be God’s grace. Mummy, I love you very much and I might die in the attack because the conditions are getting worse here.”
Later Sharma said “I don’t know why, but I am not afraid to die. It’s getting difficult to survive here. Around seven jawans are here but we are surrounded by the Maoists from all the sides.”
In the video, dreaded Sharma can be seen asking a jawan for some water. However, the jawan while showing his bottle replies that he doesn’t have any. The jawan can be seen encouraging him by saying that the rescue team has reached on the spot and asking him not to take stress and just lie down calmly.
Besides, voices of the jawans could be heard in the background calling for the ambulance and shouting to cover the incident area.
Video Credit – DD News

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