Vaishali Nagar’s political flames are yet to be doused as noted BJP leader of the constituency has become a party rebel. The dissidence of the National General Secretary, Saroj Pandey’s brother Rakesh comes very ill timed for the ruling party.It was believed that after much coaxing and persuasion from senior leaders Rakesh would fall in line with the party high command decision. It was not to be so and today he dealt a major punch below the belt for Bhartiya Janta Party as his wife Charulata filed nomination papers on an independent ticket for this same constituency. It’s now a matter of repute for BJP, a party which reposed is faith on old timer Vidya Ratan Bhasin, as Rakesh now blatantly accuse senior party leaders for their high handedness in ticket distribution. He questions that even bloodlines of the Chief Minister has been given parliamentary tickets from the state and consequently pitching up his voice against his parent party.
What analysts say, that with Rakesh on the offensive it may be the toughest contention for the BJP as he heads a huge mass following, who on the day he was denied the ticket came all out in his support and raised their voice in unison against the decision.
With a leader of the masses who also knows the way of the saffron party can BJP emerge victorious is a question unanswered till 12/12.

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