Raipur: BJP’s poll promise to establish a micro-blogging site to bring entire Chhattisgarh diaspora together with overseas friends of BJP would be launched soon, OFBJP (USA) former president Chandrakant Patel said today.
BJP (Chhattisgarh) Foreign affairs department international convener Chandrakant Patel who lives in USA, interacted media in state capital on Wednesday and said “since two decades I am settled in USA and like me many people of Chhattisgarh lives in different part of the country but we have a special feeling for our state so through overseas friends of BJP we have got the platform to participate each and every festival including the democratic festival (elections) for the state”.
Chandrakant Patel stated “during the campaigning of assembly elections 2018 party supporters and members of the OFBJP put their effort to garner support of the people ahead of elections. US body whose members associated by Indian-American and OFBJP from across the country will deliberate on harnessing the latest technology and social media tools in support of BJP in India. This time in BJP’s manifesto there is a promise to establish a micro-blogging site for the overseas supporters of the party so that all the party members can be together in a wider platform of the world”
“Being a part of OFBJP we work from overseas to the leaders of the party as such; we have a database of voters so we do phone calls to the voters, field campaigning in some prominent constituency to know the opinion of the public as well as to get feedback from them regarding the party representative’s development works in their field. Apart from this On July OFBJP has organised a Chhattisgarh fest at New Jersey in which some prominent politicians of the state visited. Besides we will have scheduled a Chhattisgarh diwas programme at Canada to be held soon” Patel added.
Hailing from koria district of Chhattisgarh Chandrakant Patel has been serving the Indian-American community since two decades. He is serving various responsibilities through several Indian community organizations of socio-cultural, religious, and political in nature

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