Older citizens cast their votes in the last phase of assembly polls with great enthusiasm

Chhattisgarh Times
Raipur: A 113-year-old woman and her three-year junior, Manglin Bai Nishad, who is 110-year-old, cast their votes in Korea and Gariyaband districts respectively during the last phase of state assembly polls. They were probably the oldest among the crores of voters who exercised their franchise in the last phase of state assembly polls on Tuesday.
Many other old electorates in various districts across the state reached polling booths with great enthusiasm, breaking the age barriers and setting an example for the youngster who doesn’t cast their votes. A 100-year-old woman, reached on a wheelchair at a polling booth in gram panchayat Badgari in Lundra constituency to exercise her franchise. Similarly, a 102-year-old woman, Rajkunwar reached a polling booth in Korba district along with her family members and cast her vote.
Celebrating the festival of democracy in the state, a 100-year-old couple in Jashpur district exercised their franchise appealing the youngsters to cast their vote.

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