BJP’s first phase candidate list is likely to be declared on October 20

Raipur: Bhartiya Janta Party candidates first phase election list is likely to declare on October 20. Speculations abound after the day long meeting held by the BJP election committee chaired by Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh and other committee members.
The first list of BJP candidates is likely to come on October 20. In the ‘Ekatm Parisar’ the head office of BJP Chhattisgarh ,almost a day long meeting of the BJP Region Election Committee was held yesterday, in which BJP National Joint General Secretary, Saudan Singh, State BJP In-charge Anil Jain, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, State BJP President Dharlaml Kaushik, National General Secretary Saroj Pandey, Union Minister of State Vishnudev Sai was present. Panels have been prepared for all 90 seats. speculations abound on the October 20, those 18 final candidates are likely to be announced by the BJP, where the first phase election of 2018 is going to be held.
There were also some leaders in the meeting, who themselves are the ticket contenders. Still while the time for discussing their seat name, they were excluded from the meeting.
According to sources, for the first phase where the elections to be held, it does not take much time to select the name of, Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh, Minister Kedar Kashyap and Mahesh Gagda to consider the names of their three seats. There were deep discussions on the selection of candidates for the remaining fifteen seats.
Sources also says that there are five ministers of the state whoes tickes are in dilemma due to their weak performance in their constituency being a legislator. It is notable that on the instructions of BJP national president Amit Shah, there has been a secret observation being done from the office bearers of candidates in each assembly constituency regarding candidate selection. The names which were preferred in the secret ballot have been churning for a long time.
As per the information’s , the first list has been taken by the Saudan Singh and Anil Jain as they have gone to Delhi. on October 20 there will be meeting being held of the Central Election Committee in Delhi, in which the names of the first 18 assembly constituencies where the first of election to be held will be declared.

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