RMC all set to install “smart poles” with panic button across the city

Chhattisgarh Times
Raipur: Aiming to make the city safer and increase the security of citizens, Raipur Smart City is all set to install “smart poles” with a ‘panic button’ for emergency services across the state capital.
An official said that in case of any security or health-related emergencies, a citizen just has to press the panic button and a team will reach the spot for immediate help. The first smart pole has already been installed in front of Raipur Nagar Nigam building on Friday. Only light and connection are left to be installed in the pole which will be done very soon.
As many as 20 such poles will be installed across the city. The place of installation has also been decided and confirmed by the top officials of the RMC and Police department. The places have been carefully chosen to keep in mind the utmost requirement of panic buttons in the area, said the official.
One of the unique features of this pole is that it cannot be affected by any antisocial element or activity. Also, it is weather-proof, have Wi-Fi, CCTV camera, and high-mast light. There is a special environmental sensor in the pole, which will provide the information of the level of pollution in the area.
The sensor will be directly connected to the ITMS Command Centre through which the pollution level will be displayed at screens installed at different places in the city including Kalibari Chowk and Motibag Chowk. Besides railway timetable and current status of the trains will be displayed on the screens.
The smart poles will be installed under Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS), an initiative undertaken by Raipur Smart City a year ago to provide greater information to the authorities to proactively manage the on-going traffic situation, increase safety and security of citizens and allow citizens. Almost 80% of the works under ITMS is completed till now.
The total worth of the project is Rs 157 crore under which traffic across the city will be controlled. More than 450 cameras are being installed at different places under the project to keep a check on each vehicle.

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