Bhartiya Janta Party president Amit Shah today released the party manifesto which has been termed “Nava Chhattisgarh ” and it primarily focuses on the firm resolute the party has in taking Chhattisgarh to greater heights. Hailing the Chief Minister for making it a hub for education,health and mineral ores, and describing the near future in making the state an Information Technology hub is the party’s main idea. The resolution for a better and brighter Chhattisgarh has taken into consideration all sections of society.
For betterment of the entire state existing government schemes have been given major boost and also various new schemes have been proposed.
Shah said that unlike the Congress which has exploited farmers merely as a vote bank, the ruling BJP following on the footsteps of the late prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee whose concern for the poor,downtrodden and farmers was as genuine as it could be.
The exemplary work shown by Raman Singh and his cabinet colleagues has resulted in all round development of the state which has curbed naxalite movement and made basic infrastructure reach every corner of the state.
He said that the Congress party has even went on to say the maoist as revolutionary which dampens the spirit of the forces.
Now manifestos of major political parties already released, it’s for the people to decide whom to vote to power.

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